Sybly Industries Ltd.(SIL) has been best quality manufacturer of yarn in Northern India, whether it be Polyester Yarn in the current scenario or Cotton yarn in the past. Quality always has been the premises concise of SIL while and well manufacturing the products be the policies, Staffs Culture & even the floor are employees quality conscious. SIL Purchases first Grade Raw Material from India’s finest Raw material manufacturers.

Product information -

SIL manufactures wide range of high quality Polyester Yarn ranging from Coarse counts to Finer counts in both Hank & Cones.

SIL also manufactures Single Warp qualities & varies polyester Hosiery Yarns, Auto Coned in the up to date modern machinery in different varieties.

Manufactured Products at SIL

Single Yarn


Cabled & Plied Yarn
In Cones In Hanks
2/8s, 3/8s 2/20s RT, 3/20s RT
3/12s, 4/12s 2/30s RT, 3/25s RT, 2/26s RT
3/15s 2/45s RT(SHT)
8/20s RT, 3/20s RT 3/56s RT(SHT)
2/30s RT 3/65s RT(SHT)

Our Products:-